///Toruk – AP9

Toruk – AP9


Product Specifications

Flight mode GPS mode,Normal mode
Position system GPS,pneumatic
Fail safe Auto return-to-home when lost control
Hovering Accuracy Horizontal: ±2.5m / 8.2ft,

Vertical: ±0.8m/2.62ft

Maximum angular velocity Yaw: 120º/sec
Maximum Tilt Angle  ±30°
Maximum Ascent speed 6m/s
Maximum Descent Speed 4m/s
Maximum Flight speed 20m/s
Cruising speed 10-15m/s
Maximum flight altitude 4000m
Maximum flight relative height 500m
Maximum takeoff weight 1600g
Flight time 25 minutes
Operating temperature -10℃ to 50℃
Dimension 368*368*145mm(without propellers)
Support to mount AEE Series cameras and Gopro cameras
Remote controller
Frequency 915MHz
Wireless range 700m
Weight 480g
Package info
Package Weight 10.1 lb / 4.6kg
Box dimension(LxWxH) 17.2×16.7×9.4″ / 438*425*240 mm
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Product Description

High performance 11.1 V 5300mAh battery
Cruising speed of 10-15 m/s, maximum fly speed of 20m/s
Detachable gimbal, the shooting angle can be adjusted manually
Maximum flight relative height of 500 meters, maximum flight altitude of 4000 meters
10 inches propeller with more flight power
Optional float accessory for water landing
Support AEE S series cameras (S50/S51/S60/S61/S70/S71) and Gopro cameras
A variety of cameras can be mounted